Learning mechanism based on rules and knowledge

Pankaj Pratap Singh
Asst. professor

Learning mechanism is a kind of strategy which comes through the perception and searching process. It provides better prediction and action. Learning in complex environment is a key strategy to train a machine with intelligent behaviour which is also a major concern for
artificial intelligence (AI). Furthermore, rules can also be derived with the help of AI techniques for solving real world problems such as medical surgery, real time. The embodiment of knowledge in the AI based system utilize a rule based expert system which is related to engineering, medicine, business and others applications.
Learning for the specific application domain, a relevant prior knowledge and steps to achieve the goals of application is required. Initially, a target data set is created based on the selection of data and thereafter removes the irrelevant data in pre-processing step. Furthermore,dimensions (features of data) should be reduced for transformation of data which provide better analysis and prediction capability in data. In this regard, a specific function such as association (between contents), classification (to check relevancy in data), clustering (in data), regression (for prediction analysis), summarization (characterization and discrimination of data), is required in data mining (DM) for pattern evaluation and knowledge presentation. Due to the process of knowledge discovery is iterative, it tries to uncover the nuggets in data continuously.
It all gives us inspiration to keep learning continue using the rule and knowledge based approach. This can be possible only on studying more about the domain or subject.


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