Arun Poudyal
Diploma 3rd Year(CSE)

The claim is based on the paper submitted by Briggs on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It talks about using Sanskrit in natural language processing (NLP). The idea of using a natural language for computer programming is to make it easier for people to talk to computers in their native tongue and spare them the pain of learning a computer friendly language like assembly/C/Java.

He cites Sanskrit as an example as its grammar can be easily translated to a form understandable by a computer. But nowhere does it say that using Sanskrit is the best way to program a computer.

Sanskrit can be used as high-level language to write programs. Sanskrit can also be used to give instructions to advanced robots (Artificial Intelligence) because robots are more likely to understand Sanskrit better because Sanskrit is a well programmed natural language.

But, one needs to change the architecture of computers to implement Sanskrit. This requires a lot of people to learn Sanskrit. It also requires huge amounts of money, research and man-power. So at this point, English is sufficient for computers we use because computers are not advanced robots and don't need be changed. If there is a need of another language in the future, Sanskrit will be used first.

What would make a study of Sanskrit useful to a student of Computer Science? “If a language has many meanings for a word, it is ambiguous, but when Sanskrit has many meanings for a word, it is rich!” says Dr. Ramanujan.
The richness of Sanskrit comes from the fact that everything is pre-determined and derivable. There is a derivational process, and so there is no ambiguity. You can explain everything structurally. There is a base meaning, a suffix meaning and a combination meaning. The base is the constant part, and the suffix is the variable part. The variables are most potent. With suffixes one can highlight, modify or attenuate.


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