B.Tech 2nd year(CSE)

There is no doubt in my mind that technologies developing today have an effect on fashion. Things we have today, like plastics for shoes, mass produced sunglasses, and cheap, yet fashionable clothes, were unthinkable just a couple of centuries ago. Technology is changing fashion and fashion retail, the turnover rate of trends is skyrocketing with the fast-paced information flow facilitated by the World Wide Web. Some of the example of technology related to fashion….
Tap Tap wristband-
Tap Tap is a wearable wristband that manages different applications through gesture and touch. It has just one button that acts as a capacitive sensor connecting it to another Tap Tap device via Bluetooth. Six particular gesture have been isolated within the device are operated by Tap Tap’s accelerometer, gyroscope and capacitive sensors and mapped to particular activities. In case a call comes in that wearer would like to respond, a double shake of the wrist could switch his cell phone to silent.

Autographer wearable camera-
Developed by the Oxford Metrics Group (OMG), the Autographer is a hands free wearable camera that can take a huge numbers of photos a day on behalf of its user. The device uses its six on-board sensors, which incorporate GPS, color, accelerometer, motion detector, magnetometer and thermometer to focus on accuracy when pictures are clicked. Sometimes, Autographer cam also captures high-speed pictures such as when the wearer runs to catch a bus. The cam has five-megapixel sensor, OLED display, 8GB of internal storage and Bluetooth for sharing pictures. There are two buttons on the side of the unit and rotating cover for the camera’s lens. The Autographer doesn’t have a considerable measure of setting to change, so its limited menu options work just fine.

Sensoria sensor-embedded socks-
Device manufacturer, Sensoria has developed a couple of sensor-embedded socks that not just track customary fitness information such as the number of steps, speed and total distance a user has walked. It gives additional information about running structure method. The socks keep tabs on an individual’s weight and the structure of their feet while standing, strolling and running. Utilizing this information, it can pinpoint poor running styles and prevent wounds before they happen. It works in conjunction with an application that conveys straightforward advice about how to unlearn poor running techniques. It can additionally benchmark and examine performance to give sock wearers a clearer picture of their how they perform.


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